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The classic Caciocavallo from Agerola is made by using the same ingredients and the same process as the Fiordilatte. Once the curd is obtained though, it is immersed again into boiling whey to be cooked. This operation makes the curd drier and the final cheese more lasting. CACIOCAVALLO, in fact, is best to eat at least after 10 days from its production, in order to fully taste its creamy consistency. The whole stage of moulding is done manually. Caciocavallo is especially suited for cutting boards and it’s used in many recipes of the local tradition. It can be also smoked.

Product Characteristics

Name: Caciocavallo Agerolese
Production place: AGEROLA (Naples, Italy)
Category: Semi-mature product
Format / Size: FIASCHETTA (flask) is the classic shape; variable weight. It can be shaped in other styles as: SALAMINO, PROVOLETTA, PIADINA.
Description: Stretched curd cheese with straw yellow color and sweet flavor. The name origin comes from the fact that this cheese is arranged to mature on poles on horseback. (Caciocavallo means cheese horse)
Ingredients: Cow’s milk, calf rennet, salt, milk enzymes

Organoleptic Characteristics

Appearance: Thin rind. When cut the inside is shiny and smooth, without holes.
Color: Straw yellow. The smoked version is golden / ivory colored
Flavor: Sweet
Scent: Fragrant, soft and delicate
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