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A country between sky and sea

The itinerary in Agerola is characterised by an unforgettable taste, the typical taste of a land which still offers today the genuine products of a tradition which becomes history. As you move up the hills of the Lattari Mountains where Agerola is located, shaped as a horseshoe, you can appreciate the quiet and the beauty of the town, especially in its belvederes, two of which are located in the hamlet of San Lazzaro, while the third one is located in the hamlet of Bomerano.

The pathways in Agerola suggested in the framework of the “Sentiero degli Dei” (“The Gods’ Path”) offer breathtaking panoramas in nature, but it is the smells and the tastes of the typical food which make you wish to stay longer and to get to know the traditions which sprang from a very ancient popular culture. Agerola’s name is connected to Fiordilatte and to Aged Provolone, and the value of this connection is increased by tradition, even more since the product is a typical food product with genuine taste. Milky white, declaring its origin starting with its colour, with the perfect consistency, with a delicate and fresh taste, Fior d’Agerola’s fiordilatte cheese becomes even more special when it is produced with the use of milk from the valuable Agerola breed, deriving from a zootechnical selection which allows exceptionally high quality milk.

Agerola is the most precious place in the Lattari Mountains, and it distinguishes itself for its production with handicrafts characteristics, the guarantee of genuineness and goodness of a fiordilatte which needs to be tasted fully. Excellence can only be reached in the production of the precious Aged Provolone, niche product in limited quantities, the request of which by an audience of connoisseurs has made it possible to increase the number of heads of the fine Agerolese cattle breed, as the milk used for the production of Provolone must come, at least for 20%, from Agerola cows.


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