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Fiordilatte and Pizza, a renewed tradition

Pizza is a product from Campania par excellence, well known worldwide and celebrated through many kinds of ingredients. Among these ingredients, FIOR D’AGEROLA’s fiordilatte matches perfectly with Neapolitan pizza. Thanks to the specific preparation process undergone by fiordilatte, it releases a smaller quantity of liquids when it’s cooked: this makes sure that the pizza doesn’t get too wet. The elastic texture gives to fiordilatte the right stringiness and at the same time it remains “crunchy” on the palate.

FIOR D’AGEROLA’s fiordilatte makes pizza, an unmatched Mediterranean delicacy, even testier and more appealing; the result is a rise of flavors and aromas which tell us an ancient yet current story. The loaves manual cutting is always preferable. FIOR D’AGEROLA then, to meet the increasing demand of its costumers to have a product already cut, has included in its production line machineries able to “pre-cut” the product in the classic LISTARELLE shape. This way the blades will not be prone to overheating. The product is packed in suitable and convenient MAP trays to preserve its freshness and its durability.


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