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Butter is a type of food fat which is obtained by processing the cream of the cow’s milk serum. This process produces a liquid part, called buttermilk, and a solid part, which is processed until butter is obtained. Butter is made up mostly of fat but, although it is highly energetic, it can be easily digested when uncooked and it has a lower caloric intake compared to oils. It is also rich in vitamin A and in mineral salts.

Product Characteristics

Denominazione: Burro
Production place: AGEROLA (Naples, Italy)
Category: Fresh product
Format / Size: Rectangular pats of various sizes (125, 250, 1000 g)
Description: Solid fat, soft to cut, moist thanks to the presence of a percentage of water
Ingredients: Cow’s milk serum cream

Organoleptic Characteristics

Appearance: Uniform, compact and shiny
Color: White in the winter and yellowish in the summer, depending on what the cows are fed on
Flavor: Uncooked it is sweet, soft and delicately sourish
Scent: Fragrant, of slightly sourish milk
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