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Smoked Provola (smoked Fior di latte)

The smoked variant of Fior di Latte is obtained by placing the product in a cabinet where it could be enveloped by heat and smoke. The natural smoking process is made by letting burn hay, straw and woodchip, giving the fiordilatte that typical satisfying and intense smoked flavor.
Smoked provola is used in the most famous Neapolitan traditional dishes and as pizza topping.

Product Characteristics

Name: Fiordilatte Affumicato (Provola)
Production place: AGEROLA (Naples, Italy)
Category: Fresh product
Format / Size: Fresh stretched curd cheese with spherical shape; weight 500 grams circa; it can be shaped in several styles like TRECCIA (braid), NODINO (knot), BOCCONCINO, CILIEGINA, SFOGLIA
Description: Soft and tender filament cheese; cut into various shapes. Delicate smoky taste, it preserves a slight sour milk flavor; elastic and stringy texture
Ingredients: Cow’s milk, calf rennet, salt, milk enzymes

Organoleptic Characteristics

Appearance: Absent rind
Color: Golden / Ivory
Flavor: Delicate and sapid
Scent: Distinguished smoky smell; very delicate
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