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Fior di Latte - Cut Frozen

Fiordilatte is a fresh stretched curd cheese made with whole cow’s milk, obtained from several milking in a span of time of 24 hours maximum; a factor of primary importance if we want to preserve the organoleptic properties of this very delicate raw material. Fiordilatte originates from the Southern Appennines, the Agerola one is particularly well-known for its slow processing: the curds are left to rest for at least 14 hours before being stretched and then becoming definitively FIOR DI LATTE. This cheese is recommended to be eaten raw or on the main dish of the Neapolitan tradition: PIZZA.

Product Characteristics

Name: Fior di Latte
Production place: AGEROLA (Naples, Italy)
Category: Very fresh product
Format / Size: Fresh stretched curd cheese with spherical shape; weight 500 grams circa; it can be shaped in several styles like TRECCIA (braid), NODINO (knot), BOCCONCINO, CILIEGINA, SFOGLIA
Description: Soft and tender filament; mozzata (cut off) in several forms. Delicious taste of sour milk, with an elastic and stringy texture
Ingredients: Cow’s milk, calf rennet, salt, milk enzymes

Organoleptic Characteristics

Appearance: The rind is absent; smooth and shiny surface; milky white color; exerting a slight pressure or cutting it will release small drops of milk
Color: Homogeneous milky white
Flavor: Sapid; the typical taste of fresh dairy product; slightly acidic
Scent: Distinguished smell of slightly sour milk
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