Classic Fiordilatte cheese

Fiordilatte classico

Fiordilatte is a fresh pulled-curd cheese, obtained from raw cow’s full milk of several milkings over the course of a maximum of 16 hours, since it has to be delivered extremely fresh to undergo processing. It originates in the Southern Apennines. In the region Campania, the Agerola one is particularly well-known, since it is produced with a part of milk from the esteemed Agerola cow breed which makes it particularly tasty. Today it is available in several shapes and weights, in order to satisfy the different distribution and customer needs.

Product characteristics
Name: Classic Fiordilatte cheese
Production place: AGEROLA (Naples, Italy)
Type of product: extremely fresh product
Size: round, fresh, pulled-curd cheese, weighs from 350 to 500 g, depending on the specific requirements.
Description: soft, stringy cheese, cut and available in different shapes. Produced with uncooked cow’s milk, it is less fat than buffalo mozzarella cheese and its colour is less chalky. It has a typical taste of deliciously sourish milk.
Ingredients: uncooked cow’s milk, calf rennet, salt.
Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect: no crust, evenly smooth and shiny surface, milky white colour, when it is being cut and/or when pressed it releases small drops of milk.
Colour: evenly milky white, with no stains or streaks.
Taste: typical, sapid, of fresh dairy product, delicately sourish.
Smell: typical, of slightly sourish milk.

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